E-MOTORCYCLE- ZB302-R+FB101-L+A062R2+HT627

Master cylinder diameter:Φ12.7mm
Cylinder diameter:Φ30mm
Brake disc diameter:Φ180mm
Brake effective radius:80mm
Friction coefficient:0.35 ~ 0.45
Piston stroke of main pump:≥8mm
Handle stroke:10 ~ 18
Maximum working pressure:6.9MPa
Handle lever ratio:5.5:1
Maximum braking torque:356N.m
Installation position: Left
Mounting hole distance of the bracket:43±0.2mm
Installation aperture:2-M8
Tube length:970±5mm( front wheel)

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Master cylinder diameter Φ12.7mm
Cylinder diameter Φ30mm
Brake disc diameter Φ180mm
Brake effective radius 80mm
Friction coefficient 0.35 0.45
Piston stroke of main pump 8mm
Handle stroke 10 18
Maximum working pressure 6.9MPa
Handle lever ratio 5.5:1
Maximum braking torque 356N.m
Installation position  Left
Mounting hole distance of the bracket 43±0.2mm
Installation aperture 2-M8
Tube length 970±5mm( front wheel)

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