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    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (1)

    Wuxing intelligent power assisted integrated wheel won the gold award of golden reed Industrial Design Award

    On September 18, as one of the main activities of the third Hebei International Industrial Design Wednesday, the design sleepless night and the first golden reed industrial design award ceremony were held in xiong'an citizen service center. Chen Gang, member of the Standing Committee of Hebei provincial Party committee and vice governor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of xiong'an new area, delivered a speech at the award ceremony and presented awards to the winners.

    The golden reed award is a new microphone that conveys the voice of xiong'an to China and the world. It declares that China has entered a new era of high-quality development. As a national new area, xiong'an new area should take a high-quality innovative development path different from the past. The golden reed award is a new blueprint to design, enable urban construction and operation, explore a more reasonable lifestyle, help the coordinated development of industry, city, people and ecology in xiong'an New District, and draw a better future of human cities. The golden reed award is a new business card. It always adheres to the international positioning, actively builds an international platform for industrial design exchange and cooperation, helps the opening-up and development of the new area, and improves the opening-up level in a wider range, wider fields and deeper levels.

    Adhering to China's "harmony" concept, the award is committed to facing the information society and sustainable development, collecting global design intellectual resources, discovering future design, enlightening future life and enabling future cities.
    David kusuma, the foreign chairman of golden reed, said that the golden reed award aims to discover future design, inspire future life through scientific progress and social change, explore China's "harmony" concept, empower future cities, and attract global innovation with artificial intelligence and sustainable development.
    He renke, the Chinese President of golden reed say that this competition presents the characteristics of "four high and four strong", that is, high starting point, high positioning, high specification, high level, strong evaluation, strong competition system, strong participation and strong works. The golden reed award will build a new bridge to break the gap between eastern and Western design concepts and promote the integration and symbiosis of global design culture.

    Since January 15, 2020, the golden reed award has been solicited globally, and has received extensive attention and positive response from experts, scholars and enterprises in the field of industrial design at home and abroad. After 168 days of efforts and continuous output, the first golden reed award collected 8393 global design works. The design scheme of five-star integrated wheel successfully passed the two rounds of screening of preliminary review and reexamination, and entered the on-site defense link.

    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (2)

    The Wuxing designer participated in the on-site defense

    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (3)
    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (4)

    After the defense, 83 experts from design, market management, technology R & D, investment and financing, media and other fields at home and abroad finally selected the winning works of each award through multiple links such as preliminary evaluation, re evaluation and final evaluation. 40 works from home and abroad won the golden reed award, including 1 Supreme award, 5 gold awards, 2 future star awards, 26 excellent product design awards and 6 excellent conceptual design awards. Relying on the advanced design concept and beautiful appearance design, the intelligent power assisted all-in-one wheel participated by the five-star automobile industry stood out from the excellent works of meituan, Huawei, Tebu, 999 and other brands and won the Gold Award for green design.

    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (6)
    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (7)

    The intelligent booster wheel of Wuxing automobile industry participating in the competition integrates motor, controller, battery, torque sensor, wheel hub and rim. The whole vehicle enterprise or C-end consumer can easily convert the bicycle into a booster without any electrical professional skills.

    As a manufacturer of bicycle and electric vehicle accessories, we have always taken promoting green travel as our development goal and core corporate culture. This product well continues and develops the goal of green travel and provides consumers with an excellent riding experience.

    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (8)
    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (9)

    Winning the prize is not the end of product design. We should take it as a gas station on the way forward, strive to improve the works, and create more new products that meet the market demand and satisfy consumers. Wuxing has always been the leader of the industry. We should play a leading role in the industry and create more social value.

    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (10)
    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (11)
    Wuxing intelligent power assisted (12)

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